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Chartwell respects the rights and needs of our patient population for effective patient-caregiver communication. Once a patient has been accepted for admission and a communication barrier has been identified, a Chartwell staff member will coordinate the appropriate services to ensure immediate and interrupted service. Patients with disabilities are provided auxiliary aids and services at no cost to the individual.

Speech/Hearing Impaired: Chartwell will coordinate services with Pittsburgh Hearing, Speech and Deaf Services, Inc. to arrange comprehensive interpreting services, such as ASL-American Sign Language, as needed.

Vision Impaired: Your Chartwell clinician can provide a large-print version of the Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities for review.

Language Barriers: Chartwell will coordinate services with UPMC’s International Liaison Office to arrange for a translator to be present during initial visit. With the assistance of the translator, the clinician will obtain and present the Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities in the appropriate language. Remote interpreter services for foreign language interpretation is also available through CyraCom.

Mission and Vision

Maximizing the quality of life and dignity of our patients

Chartwell is dedicated to maximizing the quality of life and dignity of the patients and clients we serve. Our Core Values define our business culture where the contributions of every individual are recognized and rewarded in pursuit of a shared vision.

Our Core Values

The culture of Chartwell Pennsylvania is based on a set of 10 fundamental core values, which emphasize business integrity, individual empowerment and accountability. These values are based in a spirit of local management autonomy and entrepreneurship; all Chartwell managers have pledged to embrace the core values by working to ensure their employees uniformly observe and practice them.



We conduct all our business with the highest level of honesty, fairness, dependability and ethical standards.



We exist only if we satisfy our customers. We identify, understand, anticipate and respond to customer needs. We treat our customers with respect and sensitivity.

High value patient care

We provide excellent patient care by understanding, communicating and meeting the diverse needs of our patients, their personal care providers and insurers.




We work with hospitals, providers, payers, suppliers and others according to principles of partnership, seeking win-win solutions in all our interactions.

Talented and Motivated People

Talented and Motivated People

We recruit, train, develop, challenge, recognize and reward professionals who strive for excellence. We support the initiative and empowerment of each Chartwell team member.

Results Driven


We value people that set goals and produce results. We focus on strong financial and operational performance and positive outcomes.




We achieve our goals and objectives by working together. We treat each other with respect and cooperation in an environment of trust. We recognize that diversity and open communication are essential to achieve the best results.


We communicate in an open, honest and timely manner. We insist on accessibility, listening, constructive feedback and sharing of information to ensure understanding and an appropriate response.

Innovation and Change

Innovation and Change

We embrace innovation and change as vital elements for continuous improvement, growth, diversification and financial success.




We maintain an industry leadership position through innovative strategic initiatives, high value clinical practices and the superior performance of each Chartwell team member.